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Accutron DNA Electrostatic 45.1mm Watch

Accutron DNA Electrostatic 45.1mm Watch

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Because you don't define yourself by where you've been, but where you‚ôre going next, the Accutron DNA luxury men's watch does the same. It honors the past with the signature open-face design, sleek silver-grey accents on the outer ring, a space-age blue dial, and silver-tone hands and bezel. It also looks ahead to the future, using a proprietary electrostatic energy movement with an intricately engineered motor and turbine system that generates power and the smooth forward glide of the second hand. The stainless steel case is a combination of a grey and dark blue finish, and is stamped with the Accutron logo and turbine design on the case back, all finished off with a sporty grey rubber strap.

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