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Montblanc Muses Marlene Dietrich Fountain Pen

Montblanc Muses Marlene Dietrich Fountain Pen

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The Montblanc Muses Marlene Dietrich Special Edition Fountain Pen pays tribute to Marlene Dietrich, an acclaimed actress in the golden age of Hollywood, a famed entertainer, a charesmatic singer and a vivid archetype for generations.

But Marlene Dietrich embodied more, awarded with the Medal of Freedom and made a Knight and Officer of the Legion d'honneur, she ultimately emerged as a formidable personage, unsurpassed in her majesty as a star, and as an icon for all those who believe in their dreams.

The fountain pen's body and cap are oval at the end, rounded in the middle and conversely twisted to simulate the silhouette of Marlene Dietrich. The platinum-plated clip is set with a deep blue sapphire. The cap of the pen is embellished with a "Marlene" signature.

The Marlene Dietrich fountain pen has a nib made of solid 18kt white gold, and fills with a cartridge/converter system.

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