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Grand Seiko

Grand Seiko Sport Collection 9F Quartz GMT 39mm Watch

Grand Seiko Sport Collection 9F Quartz GMT 39mm Watch

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Introducing the Grand Seiko GMT Quartz Watch, a remarkable timepiece that combines high precision, GMT functionality, and a sporty design, making it an excellent companion for international travelers and sports enthusiasts alike.

Caliber 9F86 Quartz Movement:

  • Developed to create the ultimate quartz watch, Caliber 9F86 is widely recognized as one of the finest quartz movements in the world.
  • High Precision: With an impressive accuracy of ±10 seconds per year, this watch ensures reliable timekeeping, maintaining its precision even when changing time zones.
  • GMT Functionality: The addition of a GMT hand allows you to track a second time zone, making it convenient for frequent travelers who need to keep track of home and destination times.

Distinctive Design and Durability:

  • GMT Hand Design: The GMT hand is clearly differentiated from the hour and minute hands, and the 24-hour dial ring is divided into two 12-hour sections, making it easy to distinguish between AM and PM times.
  • Sporty Appearance: The hairline finish on the case, the 24-hour bezel, and the radial pattern on the black dial contribute to the watch's powerful and sporty appearance.
  • Three-Row Bracelet: The watch features a simple three-row bracelet that complements its overall design.
  • Screw-Lock Crown: The screw-down crown ensures the watch remains airtight and maintains its 20-bar (200 meters/660 feet) water resistance, making it suitable for various water activities and everyday challenges.

With a diameter of 39.0mm and a thickness of 12.3mm, this Grand Seiko GMT Quartz Watch strikes the perfect balance between functionality and style. Whether you're a frequent traveler or an active individual seeking a reliable timepiece, the Grand Seiko GMT Quartz Watch is a great combination of high precision, GMT convenience, and sporty design, making it an ideal choice for any adventure or occasion.

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